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Transportation Solutions

Move your goods most efficiently by road, rail, air and ocean with XPO’s cutting-edge technology.  

XPO container on dock


Experienced drivers, national capacity. Every major US port and rail ramp.

XPO air cargo


Time-critical shipments managed 24 hours on demand. Zero-fail mentality.

XPO full truckload

Full Truckload

Massive brokered network of dry vans and vetted drivers. Tech-connected.

XPO ocean and containers

Global Forwarding

Shipments of any size, weight or destination. Licensed customs assistance.

XPO containers on railroad tracks


Door-to-door tracking of containers by rail and dray. Cross-border experts.

XPO last mile delivery

Last Mile

Leading brand protection for heavy goods. E-commerce and omnichannel.

XPO employee managed transportation

Managed Transportation

Custom solutions for goods, parts and materials. High efficiency, low cost.